Blood for Gas – Gas Market Domination a Motive for Sabotaging Nord Stream II

Seymour Hersh has directly accused the USA of sabotaging Nord Stream II. Would the USA ever commit such a criminal act? What benefits would that have? Surely not any financial ones.

British daytime TV plays Russian roulette with the public

As energy bills continue to soar, and the cost of living crisis has no end in sight, ITV’s This Morning brazenly televised a game where one lucky winner could win the chance to avoid death.

Will Smith still not over Grown Ups 2

onday, during the 94th Academy Awards show, the star-studded, opulent, and momentous ceremony was rocked by an event that has the entire world talking, and temporarily forgetting about all of the other crazy shit going on right now.

Nazism is cool again!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is entering its 27th day, and both countries have been suffering severe casualties and losses. The Ukrainian people and its military have been putting up a hell of a fight against the Russian soldiers, and one battalion that’s been gaining a lot of worldwide attention is the neo-nazi Azov regiment. With Putin being compared to Hitler frequently over the past month (see any of those links), and this invasion being likened to the beginning of WWII, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking the Azov battalion were part of the Russian invasion force, but hey – guess what?

Terrorism takes on a new face – and it’s not pretty. Like really just unattractive

On March 15th, the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center (NATC) published a 26-page report that has identified a new threat to national security (as if potential nuclear annihilation, a global pandemic, rising living costs and inequality, white supremacy and climate change weren’t already enough to worry about) – “incel terrorists”.