British daytime TV plays Russian roulette with the public

Pay your bills or die

Ever since Russia violated the borders of Ukraine to aggressively seize the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, most of the Western world has been feeling the economic consequences. Due to an ever-growing number of sanctions imposed by the USA and its allies on the former Soviet nation, the cost of living has been soaring and millions of people across Europe are living under the threat of being unable to afford their energy bills, especially as winter approaches.

It’s no joke

The UK in particular is facing a catastrophe, with the energy price cap set to increase dramatically by 80% in October. With the number of children in poverty having skyrocketed under Tory leadership, and now the appointment of new PM Liz Truss who described British workers as lazy, the energy crisis has been largely seen as a working class, or poor people problem.

However, it seems now that even multi-billion pound UK TV Channel ITV is worried about the impending hike of bill costs. In an episode of their regular daytime TV show This Morning, on 6th September, hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield invited desperate members of the public to take part in a roulette-style game of luck where one spin of the wheel would decide the caller’s fate. The shocking part? No, not the fact that people still watch this trash – the contestant would either get a meagre £1000 OR, receive the gameshow’s energy bills.

“Oh no! You have to pay our bills!” – Phillip Schofield, 6th September 2022

As if it wasn’t bad enough being constantly reminded on every TV channel how bloody awful life is at the moment, now we have daytime shows broadcasting a less violent version of (the very aptly named) Russian roulette, where players have a 50/50 chance of either winning just about enough money to pay two weeks rent on a studio flat in London, or they get saddled with the energy bills of This Morning, which would doubtlessly be in the millions of pounds and leave the average Brit bankrupt, on the streets, and dead by winter.

This brazen display of heartlessness and lack of compassion is a low point for the ITV show, and maybe is the most out-of-touch demonstration of disconnectedness since Eammon Holmes told a sex addict she should become a prostitute.

It’s really quite disappointing to see a TV show that’s watched daily by millions of people, resort to such cheap attempts at entertainment. The media was quick to describe the segment as dystopian, and what a tremendously boring manifestation of a dystopia we are living in.

Cool black and white photo taken last week

Out of all of the dystopic worlds imagined in countless books, movies, TV shows and other mediums, we just had to get the most boring one – where TV hosts spin a wheel to decide if someone can pay their electric bill and hopefully live.

We were promised heartless, demagogic leaders ruling over totalitarian parties, surveilling our every move and thought, protected by a brutal police force, while we’re forced to work soul-crushing jobs in order to survive, against the backdrop of a never-ending sense that we could be obliterated by war at any given moment, but with the tiny glimpse of hope in the form of quiet, fermenting rebellion discussed in hushed voices in the dark corners of our local pubs.

Actually, it seems like we pretty much got that, minus the discussion of revolt or glimmer of hope – nobody can even afford to go to a pub anyway. So it looks like we’ll have to continue suffering through this endless decline into an unexciting nightmare future. Remember when everyone thought 2020 was the worst year and the world couldn’t get any weirder?

I can’t wait to see what 2023 is going to bring us. If the dystopia we’re getting is going to be presented to us in TV format, please can we get pay-per-view death sports? I’d much rather watch the hosts of This Morning fight to the death with whatever makeshift weapons they can assemble than watch them rub it in our faces that life is too expensive to live.

You heard it here first – we’re going to see a real-life Battle Royale/Hunger Games/Death Race/Gamer/Squid Games televised in all its gory and tragic 4K beauty by this time next year.

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